How to choose a men’s wallet and what they are

A man’s wallet has many names: wallet, wallet or purse. Today we will understand the different styles of wallets, how they are made and by what distinctive features you should look for a men’s wallet if you decide to buy it.

Despite living in a very digitized world, elements of the old world, such as a tailored suit, printed business cards or a good wallet have a huge impact on the first impressions of their owner. A man’s wallet is an object that you use several times a day. Following from this, it should be much more high-quality and presentable than just a functional accessory for storing money. Just like the clothes you wear, your wallet should be an extension of your wardrobe.

The history of the men’s wallet

The first wallets — as we know them today — were created after the issuance of paper money in America in 1690, when they were introduced to the Massachusetts Bay colonies.

Wallet of World War II veteran Eligio Ramos, found after being lost 70 years later.

Of course, wallets have been around for centuries before that. It is logical to assume that the first wallets, like the first paper money, appeared in China. It is also worth noting Ancient Greece, where the purse was an attribute of the poor. The nobles either had an account in the store, or paid during the delivery of the goods home. And the servants who went to buy groceries, the purse was most welcome.

The oldest wallet found by historians dates back to 3300 BC. This leather wallet contained a flint tool and some tinder, but there was no money in it!

Originally made from the skins of cows or horses, the first purses were used to transport money, valuables, business cards and even dried meat. By the beginning of the 19th century, most men wore a purse, attaching it to their belt, since it was considered unworthy to keep it in their pocket. However, this was not the case everywhere. In Spain, for example, the wallet served as a cover for smokers. They kept flint, flint and tissue paper in them.

Today, wallets have become a common everyday accessory for both men and women. Currently, it is used practically only for one thing — storing money, credit cards and identity cards. It may seem that modern wallets have been with us for centuries. The fact is that the pocket wallet that we use today was developed only in the early 1950s, when the first credit cards appeared.

Elements of a man’s wallet

Like many other items in a gentleman’s wardrobe, the wallet comes in a wide range of standards and quality. There are canvas men’s wallets with Velcro that sell for a hundred rubles in any supermarket. In contrast to them, there are high-quality wallets offered by tanners in several generations, which are made by hand from the best leathers. They usually sell for a few thousand. To get the best wallet for your money, you need to pay attention to some elements that are responsible for the quality of the wallet.

Skin. Most people don’t take into account the type of leather their wallets are made of. This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make when buying a men’s wallet. Seeing on the price tag or in the description “made of genuine leather”, many believe that this is already a high-quality and good wallet, but not all leather is equally good.

Aniline Leather phone case

Start by carefully examining the skin. The best leather is aniline (aniline is a dye used by tanners). This skin is dyed in special tanks and does not have pigment coatings. This means that the surface has not been sanded or covered with a layer of paint. Instead, it has an elastic surface on which you can see the characteristic pores of the skin.

Only 5% of the world’s skin is good enough: they have luxurious tactile sensations. Over time, a beautiful patina will develop on this skin. But such skin does not have a protective coating, and, therefore, is more vulnerable to moisture and requires more care

The remaining 95% of wallet leather requires a protective coating in order to counteract skin defects or to even out the color and improve durability. Such skin will look smoother to the touch. Such skin is tougher, it will not develop a patina, which means that the appearance will not change for a long time.

Unfortunately, many wallets today are made of artificial leather in plain black or brown colors, and fail within a year or two.

Finally, consider embossed leather. Chrome, or buckskin is strong enough to make durable, wear-resistant wallets out of it. While others (such as lamb skin or pig skin) are too thin to make a wallet that can withstand several years of use.

Wallet lining. Another key indicator of the high quality of the wallet is the lining. The wallet must be made entirely of leather and it should not use less expensive fabrics or mixtures in dividers or overlays inside the wallet. Alas, with a cursory reading of the description from the manufacturer of inexpensive wallets, only the material used for the facade of the wallet is mentioned. So you may not know what the inside of the wallet is made of.

The edge of the wallet. If the edges on the wallet are not folded, they should be painted and processed so as not to be rough. First, the skin is compacted with a hot iron called Filiteuse and wax. Subsequently, it is painted with two or three layers of paint.

Rounded corners. Not only does this feature look more complicated, but it also helps to slow down the extreme wear of corners. Rounded corners help the wallet slide out of the pocket with less resistance.

Exclusivity. Classic black and brown wallets made a man’s wallet as an accessory rather boring. But, fortunately, many companies have become concerned not only about the functionality, but also about the appearance of wallets. Details such as contrasting stitching, contrasting colors of the inside of the wallet, exotic leathers and monograms make modern men’s wallets a very stylish accessory.

Endurance. The biggest difference between wallets is how long they can last and look good: a year or several years. An inexpensive wallet can serve for several years and cost only a few hundred rubles. But a high-quality wallet is of great value and will serve you all your life and even more with proper care.

Almost all of the above quality attributes play a role in extending the life of your wallet.

Initials. And although a monogram is not a sign of quality, but the added initials on the wallet are a great idea for a gift. Simple embossing is less noticeable, but will look good for a long time, while gold or silver embossing although it will stand out at the beginning, it will crumble in a few years.

Types of wallets

There are many types of men’s wallets on the market today. We will look at just some of the most popular types of men’s wallets.

Men’s wallet with purse

Traditional classic men’s wallet. It got its name from paper money. When he closes, he sort of folds paper money in half. Most of these men’s wallets are equipped with three to eight credit card slots and two or three other pockets for small documents or business cards. Sometimes you can find a men’s wallet with a pull-out or third insert, which allows you to hold more cards. In most cases, the right side of the inside of the wallet is equipped with a pocket for small change, which closes with a zipper or a button. For men who use euros or rubles, this can be useful. In countries where the currency is less coin-dependent, a pocket for change adds unnecessary weight and volume.

Men’s wallet without purse

This wallet is another most popular form of wallet. This wallet is similar to the one mentioned above, except that instead of a coin pocket, it has three or four more slots for plastic cards. These wallets can be quite thin and fit perfectly into most pockets. For most men who wear a variety of styles from classic suits to casual wear, this is the best kind of wallet.

Men’s Minimalist Wallet

This is a fairly new and increasingly popular type of men’s wallet. This kind of wallet is great for wearing with thin trousers. This wallet is usually equipped with double-sided pockets, which allows you to store several cards, rights and folded paper money. Of course, you won’t be able to store a lot of items in it, but it’s perfect for people who appreciate minimalism. Another advantage of these wallets is that they can often be found more elegantly and qualitatively made than a wallet with and without a purse.

Men’s Vertical Wallet

In my country they are often called vertical wallets, abroad Coat wallet — which literally means a wallet for a coat. This type of wallet is ideal for people who constantly wear coats, jackets, blazers, suits and formal wear. Unlike a wallet, this wallet is long and narrow. It is designed to be worn in the inner breast pocket of a jacket, not in your trousers. These wallets differ in the presence of compartments: some have slots for credit cards on both sides, others are provided with additional space for a checkbook or paper money on one side and slots for credit cards on the other. For men who own a lot of plastic cards, these wallets are ideal, as they can often hold more than 20 cards.

Wallet-Phone Case

Another relatively new type of men’s wallet is a combination of a mobile phone case and a wallet. Usually such a wallet has the shape and method of opening like a vertical wallet. On the one hand, this wallet is equipped with a place for your smartphone, and on the opposite side there are several card slots and a place for paper money.

Men’s business card holders

For men who have only a credit card in their pocket and, possibly, rights, a business card holder can offer a worthy replacement for a wallet. For example, my favorite leather business card holder, Tonny Perotty, has two slots that can allow you to store paper bills, a credit card and a license in one pocket. The other side can still be used to store business cards.

How to choose a men’s business card holder, we have already written more details hereWhat to carry in your wallet

The fact is that the wallet has ceased to be an attribute of the poor and a place to store dried meat. Now a man’s wallet protects and keeps at hand the plastic cards and money you need. Your wallet should contain everything you need to get through an ordinary day with ease. The last thing you should do is stuff your wallet full, because this can cause it to break and ruin its shape.

Men’s Wallet Rules

  • Carry in your wallet only what you need every day.
  • Don’t oversaturate your wallet with cards that you don’t use regularly. Do you visit Lenta once a month? Why should the card hang out in your wallet for the remaining 30 days?
  • Audit your wallet as often as possible to avoid storing unnecessary old checks.
  • DON’T carry your business cards in your wallet. No one will be impressed by the curved corners of a business card. For these purposes, it is worth buying a business card holder.
  • DO NOT put anything in your wallet that can stretch or deform your wallet.

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