The Benefits of Storing Your Belts

Belts aren’t often the sexiest piece of clothing, but they are essential. They can make or break an outfit. They come in every possible style and color to help you look good on your own terms. You don’t want to mess up all of that hard work by having them roll around your belts tangled up in a drawer that rolls closed or cluttered on top of the dresser, do you?

Belts are pretty simple, but they can be expensive to replace. Storing your belts properly keeps them looking sleek and lasting longer. The right storage for belts will keep them straight so the buckles don’t bend out of shape and roll free so that the edges don’t get frayed.

The benefits of storing belts

Using a belt often helps it stay in great shape longer. The more you use your belts – especially with buckles that aren’t removable – the less chance there is for them to warp or bend out of shape. That means storing your belts properly can keep them looking brand new long after you’ve bought them.

Durable belts

Belts are frequently handed down from older siblings, friends, or family members with old styles, colors, or brands they no longer wear. Storing your belts like this keeps them nice until they go on to serve someone else’s fashion needs. And if you store them well enough maybe one day you’ll pass the belts on to the next generation and they’ll still look great.

Inheritance of the belt

It’s not enough to just use your belts; you want them to look good, right? Store them properly and they will! They won’t get strangled in a drawer or piled up on top of each other like an upside down Jenga game.

Perfect appearance

The buckle fastening is important so that the belt fits correctly every time you put it on. A quality belt buckle should have some heft to it so that it feels secure when clipped around your waist. It needs to be made from a sturdy material with a metal face for durability and a classic design. When belts are properly preserved,  they stay in good condition longer. So, the way you store your belts can determine whether or not they will last for years to come.

How to Store Belts the Right Way | Hanging Belts

Belts with clips that attach to the loops of your pants are best when hung from a belt rack on a closet wall, door, or even from a coat hook attached near where you hang your jackets and coats. Hanging them like this keeps them free and easy so it’s quick and easy to get dressed each day. Rolled-up belts can be kept in boxes on shelves for some structure between rolled belts while others work better on belt racks with dividers between each one.

Rolling belts

Although some belts come rolled up, they don’t stay that way for long after you first take them out of the packaging. Rolling them up is a good idea if you want to maintain their shape and avoid getting buckles caught on other belts or your pants loops. The best way to roll a belt is from front to back with the label going across the top so it’s easy to see which end it should be unrolled from.

Other belt storage ideas

Belts with hooks work well for those who prefer not to hang their belts from racks or dividers. You can find hook-style belt hangers at any department store as well as online retailers specializing in closet accessories like . By using special hanger clips, the hooks can hold more than one belt at a time.

Retractable belt holders

You can find special pull-out belt racks in lots of styles, colors, and finishes to match any taste or decor. They are hidden mostly out of sight when closed away in your drawer but handy when you want them! At , you’ll find many options that accommodate both regular length belts as well as longer ones for men’s styles.

Drawer Dividers

Many drawer dividers come with spaces to hold up to five different pairs of pants so they don’t get bunched up inside your dresser drawers. But if you have an extra divider or two lying around at home, it can be repurposed to hold belts.

Shallow cabinets  (cubbies)

The thin shelves in the doors of home closets are mostly wasted space because they’re too small for much more than a belt or two. However, if you need something that holds shorter items, these spaces can come in handy. You can customize this space by using old shoeboxes cut down to fit the same height as your shelf (and maybe painted with coordinating paint like white, black, or gray). Then you can store any type of belt inside the box and dispense them one at a time through the slit on top!

Metal Belt Hooks

You might already have boot racks from hanging up boots when you take them off during mud season. Instead of letting them get dusty and rusty in your garage, hang them up on any wall (preferably near where you take boots off) to hold belts. Hooks that hold several belts work best for this purpose because they keep the belts from getting tangled or caught on anything else.


You want your clothes; shoes; and accessories like watches and jewelry to last a long time and look great while doing it. But how can you make sure you get the longest wear possible out of everything? As with other types of clothing, storing them properly keeps them looking fresh longer too! Belts aren’t immune to the effects we put our belongings through every day either so they must be protected just as well as other items in our closets and drawers. Although it doesn’t seem like much, the proper method of belt storage will keep them looking new for years and free from buckles getting caught on other things or wearing out earlier than they should!

With proper care, belts can last a long time. But if you leave them in your car or by the door where they get jostled and scratched up, their life expectancy will be shortened.

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