How to Choose a Watch Strap

We wear watches every day. We distinguish and talk about the different types, styles and functionality of this or that watch. However, there is one thing about watches that in many reviews and articles about watches little or no mention is made of the most integral part of a wristwatch, the watch band.

Today we will focus on this important part of the watch that keeps it on your wrist.

Types of watch bandsThere

are three types of watch bands that keep the watch on your wrist.

ModernThese are made of rubber, plastic and various other mate
  • The width of the strap depends on the size of the attachment. Some watches have projections called lugs. All watches have different sizes. You have to measure the distance between the lugs. And based on this size you can easily determine the width of the strap you need.
  • I advise you not to buy a cheap leatherette watch band. The watch band will affect the safety of your watch. It is better to pay a little more, but to buy a leather watch band. There is another reason. Artificial leather can make your wrist sweaty and irritated.
  • If you buy a metal watchband, the first thing you should pay attention to is the quality of the metal itself. It should not be too thin and soft. Metal bracelets should have a stainless steel finish or be made entirely of stainless steel. This applies if you have a water resistant watch or have a high probability of getting it wet. In general, if you plan to swim in your watch, dive, or your work involves water, you should avoid fabric and leather watch straps when buying a watchband, only metal.

Materials of watch strapsMaterials

HADLEY ROMA watch straps

Budget HADLEY ROMA watch straps are on the market in a huge range. Of course, it is not the best leather, but the straps of this firm are of decent quality and among their lineup you can find exotic types of straps.

HADLEY ROMA watch straps

Ted Su Watch Straps

Manufacturer of quality watch straps from Taiwan. They are sold exclusively through his website. Manufactured in Taiwan, they have become a global brand for the aftermarket. Each strap is specially designed and made from alligator, crocodile, shark, and nubuck leather. Recently, they have even started making rubber and silicone watch straps.

SNPR watch straps

You could say these are exclusive, handmade watch straps. Joe D’Agostina, owner of the SNRP brand, works as a police officer for the SWAT team, and at night he makes watch straps from the finest leather on the market. Each strap is made for a specific customer. Very high quality straps, and I’ll try to talk more about the SNRP brand in future articles.

Greg Stevens

The story of Greg Stevens is no less interesting than that of Joe d’Agostin. He made a strap for his watch after trying for a long time to find the right strap for his big wrist. Now they are quality handmade straps that he makes to order and by his own hand.


used to make watch straps are numerous: from classic leather and metal to stone and wood. Despite all this variety, we’ll talk about the most popular ones.

LeatherThe range

of leather watch straps is enormous. From inexpensive materials that imitate leather to expensive, exotic leathers.

When it comes to leather watch straps, you can find everything from fine grained and smooth leather to fur and chrome straps. You can also find watch straps in exotic leathers like

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