A belt as a gift? Here’s how to find the right size

We’ve all been there: that moment when we’re shopping and our heart melts for a belt.

“It’s so cute!” you think, as it stares back at you from the shelf amongst its peers.

You’ll want to buy it now, but wait! Stop! There are some things you need to know before completing this purchase.

Here are five belt measurements you should know before buying your belt.

1. Belt length

It’s not just belt size that matters, but belt length, too! A belt with a large buckle does not necessarily mean the belt itself is long. When shopping for belts, look for something that is long enough to wrap around your waist twice.

2. Belt width

Belts come in all different widths. Before you buy a belt, take the belt buckle and measure its end to end distance . This is the belt’s width. If you want a belt that is one inch wide, for example, look for one with an end to end measurement of about one inch. This belt belt will fit through belt loops on your pants, which are about one inch apart.

3. Belt hole

Your belt size doesn’t stop with belt length and belt width! You also need to make sure the belt has enough holes for you to use . For this, consider how long you’d like your belt to be. You can then use the belt length measurement to tell how many holes are available on your belt. If you belt belt has three inches of belt length, for example, but only two belt holes, your belt will only fit through the belt loops on pants for about two inches of your body’s belt width (because you’ll have to thread belt belt through belt loops on belt belt for about one inch of belt length).

4. How to measure belt size

Belt size depends not just on belt length but also belt width. This is often the trickiest part of finding your belt size, because it’s different than measuring any other object. The best way to find your belt size is to measure belt belt circumference. Wrap belt belt around your waist and make it as tight as you’d like your belt to be (don’t worry about belt loops on belt belt yet). Where the top edge of belt belt meets the bottom edge, write down how long belt belt is in inches . If you have an old belt at home that fits, belt belt size is probably printed at belt belt’s end. If not, belt belt size is most commonly printed on the back of belt belt. Once you have your belt length and belt width measurements, use a conversion chart to find your belt size (there are charts that convert between inches and centimeters).

5. Belt buckle

The belt buckle is the final belt belt measurement to consider. Some belt belt buckles (often called belt belt holes) are large and easy to work with, while others can be small and awkward to maneuver through belt loops on pants. Beware of belt belt buckles that require two hands for insertion. These belt buckles will make you frustrated in belt belt wearing.

If you follow these belt belt measurements when buying a belt belt gift, you’ll soon have a belt gift that is perfect!

What do you do if you can’t measure their belt, for a gift? 

If you cannot find belt belt length or belt belt circumference, look at belt belt width. While belt belt width is not the same as belt size, it’s a good place to start. Measure the buckle of belt belt and write down this measurement . If your Belt Buckle has three inches between each buckle hole, for example, you would buy belt belt belt belt belt belt belt belt belt belt belt that has a width of three inches. If you know the person has an old belt at home that fits, look at how many buckle holes are on belt belt. If there are five buckle holes, for example, buy belt belt with five buckle holes.

Belt sizing rule: for men’s trousers, plus two is equal to the belt size (i.e. if your trouser size is 32, buy a belt size 34). You should buy a belt that fits your trouser size so that you have a few centimetres of freedom when your waist changes.

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