How to determine the size of a man’s belt: selection features

The modern men’s closet is, of course, very different from what men wore a few decades ago. Now the representatives of the stronger sex are offered a huge variety of shirts, trouser models, sweaters, cardigans and other components. But the number of accessories has not increased. The classic base remained the same – a tie, a watch and a belt. The mistake many men make in choosing a universal belt – under classic pants, relaxed chinos, cardigans or jeans. This approach is fundamentally wrong. And this despite the fact that many choose a belt for their car longer and more carefully. And it’s right – the work of knots and units of your favorite car depends on the correctly chosen model and its quality. The same principle is necessary when choosing a men’s belt – to each image its own.

In addition, the size of the accessory is very important. Let’s delve into how men’s belts are sized in different countries, the nuances of this choice, and what you need to pay special attention to.

Belt Selection Features

First of all, let’s figure out what parts a man’s belt consists of. Of course, no major changes in its design have appeared for several decades. All innovations relate mainly to the decoration and materials of the product. Nevertheless, we recall the components of any men’s belt:

  • buckle;
  • belt band;
  • additional elements — rivets, belt loops, a tip, etc.

Everything seems to be simple, so why does a simple choice of the model and the right belt size cause so many difficulties? Precisely because a man often focuses exclusively on the visual characteristics of an accessory. He buys the first copy he likes, which then simply does not fit in style or size — width or length. In addition, low-quality models do not go for a long time and already look very quickly so that they can only gird unpresentable country trousers.

Let’s highlight the features that are inherent in the choice of a man’s belt:

  • manufacturer. Most stores are littered with men’s belts from China. Such products often do not differ in quality, and it can be very difficult to determine the size — the manufacturer claims some figures, but in fact it turns out to be completely different. Italy and Turkey are considered to be the standard in the production of men’s belts;
  • the style of the accessory. Even the most ordinary man should have several belts in his arsenal — classic, informal, for jeans. It is better to opt for several models of different shades;
  • quality. Even if the male belt model is made of unnatural material, it can serve its owner for more than one year.

And finally, the right choice of size. This will allow you to do without additional adjustments and the accessory will sit without causing any inconvenience to the man.

Interesting: if it seems to you that choosing the right size of a man’s belt is easy, you are mistaken. There is more than one system for determining the size of this simple accessory. It is better if a man is familiar with a variety of options for determining the size. Then it will be possible to buy a belt in any country or a foreign online store without getting lost in numbers.

How to determine the size of a man’s belt?

Of course, many will immediately object: but why worry so much and so scrupulously choose the size? Modern models allow you to adapt the belt to the male figure. Just unscrew the bolt, cut off the excess and assemble back. But this option is not always possible. First, you can change the length only in the classic model. This option is a good solution if you like the accessory, but your size is not available. Or – if there are doubts about the choice of size and the belt was purchased as a gift.

Important: an expensive leather belt may simply be damaged in an attempt to fit it to the figure and change the size.

In order to correctly determine the size, it is important to know the following parameters:

  • waist circumference of trousers, for which the strap is selected. Measurements should be carried out with a flexible tape or look at this parameter on the label. When choosing an accessory, it will be enough to add 1.57-2,76 in. [4-7 cm] to this indicator and you will get the optimal length of the strap;
  • the length of the old belt, the wearing of which did not cause any inconvenience.

At the waist

But if it is impossible to get such indicators, or is the table presented on the store’s website only misleading? Then it is important to know the size of a man’s waist for the right choice. And by the term “belt size” the manufacturer means the distance from the buckle to the central hole on the strip. The latter is considered the main one, the rest belong to the category of spare and do not participate in determining the size.

Tip: if there are five holes made on your belt, the third one will be central (on the buckle side). It is necessary to start measuring from the outer edge of the buckle. For convenience, you need to spread out the strap on a flat, hard surface.

For example, if a man’s waist is 100 cm, then the working size of the strap will be 100 (up to the central hole). But the total length of the product itself will be a little more — about 115 cm. This approach is typical both for our country and for most European countries.

By clothing size

But consumers in America are used to choosing the size of men’s belts in a slightly different way. Here, the size of the accessory is directly related to the size of jeans. But they are not identical, you need to choose a slightly larger size. For example: with jeans size 34, you need a belt 36 (add 2).

Another option is the letter system already familiar to us (XS, S, M, L, XL). Each letter has its own length limits. But they are not tied to the centimeter system, but to the inch system.

For reference: in one inch 2.54 cm. That is, the tabular indicators must be multiplied by this figure.

How do I take my measurements?

You need to be able to measure the waist correctly. Do not pull in or, conversely, bulge your stomach. Try to stand and breathe calmly when taking measurements. And it is better to attract an assistant.

Important points:

  • measurements are carried out on a bare body;
  • we find the waist — with our hands we need to feel the upper part of the hips and the base of the chest. The waist is the soft zone between them, which is the narrowest part;
  • we make measurements — attach the metal part of the tape to the navel, wrap the waist with the tape. It should not twist or cut into the body. Waist size is the point where the iron tip of the tape converges with the second part of the measuring flexible tape.

Important: take measurements two or three times. Only then can you make the right choice.

Men’s belt size chart for different countries

General Belt SizeNumerical Belt SizeWaist Measurement (inches)Length of Belt

What should be the length and width?

Belt dimensions, how to measure: belt width and length.

Two main indicators of a man’s belt that you need to pay special attention to:

  • length — it must necessarily match the figure of a man. Too long a belt will interfere and look ridiculous, a short one will press and cause other inconveniences. An important rule is that the length of the free tail should not exceed 15 cm;
  • the width is standard 1.57 – 1.77 in [4-4.5 cm]. Narrower or wider models are suitable for jeans or trousers or dense fabric.

Important: if the purchased belt is too large, you can shorten it yourself. But you should not make additional holes at home. They will look sloppy and spoil the appearance of the product. It is better to take the accessory to the workshop.


On the shelves of stores you can find a huge variety of men’s belts. So in addition to choosing the optimal section, you will have to think about what texture and appearance the future carrier likes and how practical they are.

Belt Material

This is probably the most important indicator. Low-quality products quickly crack, peel off and look unpresentable.

Genuine leather

Genuine leather is a material that has established itself as one of the most practical, beautiful and suitable for men’s accessories. Do not think that their skins produce exceptionally dense wide ribbons with thick buckles. In stores you can find braided thin straps, suede models. In addition, the usual pig or cow skin can be replaced with exotic — crocodile or buffalo.

Men’s genuine leather belt is a permanent classic.

Artificial leather

Modern artificial leather is no less popular material than natural. But there is more practicality and durability in it. It does not require special care and operating conditions, is not afraid of scratches and costs an order of magnitude cheaper. But this material must also be of high quality.


Initially, such straps appeared in the women’s wardrobe. But men also appreciated that accessory. In summer, when thick, tight belts only interfere, the rope option is just salvation. It should be understood that no matter how high-quality the rope men’s strap is, it will not last very long. When choosing the size, it is worth considering that the rope has the property of stretching. Do not buy a spare belt.


A simple, pleasant and stylish option, perfect for chinos or linen summer trousers. It will fit perfectly into the image, is pleasant to the body and eco-friendly.


Vinyl is a material that should not be used for everyday images. But for a party or a themed holiday, a men’s vinyl belt is perfect.


Buckles can both complement the image, making it stylish, and become an independent bright part of it. They come in different shapes, sizes, and are made of different materials. The choice depends on the image and preferences of the man. The most common:

  • the frame is the most common and strict form. This is an option for a business suit, shirts and classic trousers;
  • badge — can be decorated or calm. The buckle model is suitable for jeans and other pants made of coarse fabric;
  • automatic — the peculiarity of such a buckle is that there is no tongue in it, and there are no holes in the men’s belt. Choosing the size of an accessory with such a buckle is carried out according to the size of the waist (adding 5,91 inch = 15 cm);
  • ring (one or more) — this type of “lock” is used for rope or canvas belts.

Tips when buying a belt

When choosing a belt, you should be guided by simple life hacks:

  • the formula for choosing the size is waist circumference plus 5,91 inch [15 cm] (then we round it up to the nearest tabular indicator); you should not chase expensive brands. It is better to choose the original products of the middle segment. After all, the risk of buying a fake for a lot of money (for example, Gucci) is too great;
  • the choice of color is a guideline for shoes, watches or a bag. But not the color of the suit;
  • mistake — the belt is fastened not to the central (or next to it) hole, but to the more distant ones;
  • where to make an additional hole — in a shoe repair shop;
  • storage — exclusively rolled up (like a shell);
  • care — genuine leather of a man’s belt requires the same care as shoe leather.

When should I wear a belt?

Have you noticed that almost all men’s trousers have special belt loops? Stylists say that you should always wear it when there are such patches. Otherwise, the trousers will look “naked”, and with any inclination, there is a great risk of showing everyone around a piece of naked body. But such a requirement cannot be attributed to strict rules.

Examples of suitable parameter selection

Are you still in doubt about the correct choice of belt size? Here are some illustrative examples:

  • for height 66,94 inch 154 pounds [170 cm, weight 70 kg], waist circumference 27,56 inches [70 cm] (add another 2 inches — 29.53 inch)
  • for height 72,83 inch 196 pounds [185 cm, weight 89 kg], waist circumference [115 cm] (add 2 inch — 47,24 inch), and its international designation L.

The belt is an important accessory for men’s wardrobe. It emphasizes the waist, makes the image complete and can show the prosperity of its wearer. Choosing a strap that will last for more than one year begins with determining the material of the canvas itself, the type and size of the buckle. The size of the accessory is the second point. It should match the size of a man’s waist, and its loose tail should not be longer than 5.91 inches..

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