How to choose a belt for a woman, what to wear and what is currently trending

Belts from A to Z: how to choose, what to wear and what is trending right now

A stylist and image-maker answers the frequently asked questions about the fashion accessory.

Gone are the days when the belt was used only to support the pants. Now this accessory helps us to change the proportions of the figure, put a bright accent and enrich the created image.

How to choose a belt by color?

Successful solutions:

  1. A belt in the same color scheme with clothes or other accessories – the image will turn out laconic and calm.
  2. Belt as a bright accessory in a saturated color.
  3. Belt of basic colors: black, brown, beige, gray and white (for the summer season).
A woman's guide to choosing a belt, what to wear with and what's trending right now for your waist.
Women, what belt to choose for a skirt or pants?

What is the best material for the belt?

It depends on how often you intend to wear the belt:

  1. For every day, for frequent use – natural leather. Such a belt will last a very long time.
  2. For special occasions, rare wear, you can choose a belt made of artificial material, it will not have time to deteriorate, if it is worn only occasionally.

How to choose the right length belt?

The belt length for pants and jeans is equal to the length of the trouser waist plus 5-7 cm.
The length of the belt for the waist is equal to the waist circumference plus 3-5 cm.

How do I choose the right belt width?

Properly selected belt will make the figure and image more harmonious. The width of a basic belt is equal to the width of two fingers (index and middle), i.e. from 3 to 6 cm.

For people of asthenic build a belt should be narrower, about 3-4 cm. For hyperstenics – 5-6 cm, but thin belts in this case are not recommended.

Belt in women's style and fashion.
Belt in women’s style and fashion with jeans.

How to wear a belt stylishly with different kinds of clothing?

With pants, jeans and skirts. The easiest and most obvious option, but, unfortunately, many people do not wear a belt, even when it is provided by the cut of the clothes. If the clothes have studs, they should not be empty, because that way the image looks stylistically incomplete.

For the effect of stylish carelessness strap can be tied by different knots or leave the tip dangling.

With outerwear. Belting a coat, trench coat, quilted down-coat, jacket of shirt cut or coat is a stylish and not banal solution, many designers used it in their shows. For outerwear choose wide belts (8-10 cm) – they look more harmonious. I advise you to try the trend before this style has become an everyday thing – stand out from the crowd!

How to use the belt to correct a figure?

The belt can create the correct proportions of the figure and arrange accents.

  1. If you tie the belt at the waist and slightly above, then the figure acquires the correct proportions, the legs visually become longer.
  2. To elongate the torso, it is better to wear the belt slightly below the waist or on the hips.
  3. To accentuate a narrow waist, you can choose a bright contrast belt. If you want to distract attention, choose a not wide belt in the same color scheme with your clothes.
Different types and styles of belt for women's style.
Different types and styles of belt for women’s style.

How to emphasize the waist beautifully?

A belt at the waist is always very beautiful and feminine, because you emphasize the curves of your body.

You can belt a dress, jacket, cardigan, elongated shirt, vest. Also with the belt looks cool oversize T-shirt, especially in a set with skinny jeans and short shorts.

Remember that in any case the belt should sit tight, but not tight, and you should be comfortable!

Video review of what belt to wear for your waistline

How to Know What Belts to Wear for Your Waist lengthHow to Know What Belts to Wear for Your Waist length

What belts are in fashion in 2022?

  1. The belt with a small pocket is a competitor to the waist bags, which has already become very popular.
  2. Belt with animalistic print – a catchy detail in your image! Zebra, leopard and python prints are extremely popular this season.
  3. A wide belt or corset belt. The width of the belt is practically unlimited, but remember: such an accent accessory is not suitable for everyone.
  1. Belt with a large buckle – designers at Fashion Weeks used such for everything: flying dresses, wide jackets, simple T-shirts and sweaters, outerwear.
  2. Chain belt. Chains are absolutely everywhere this season, and the belt was no exception. Belts-chains adored in the noughties and loved to wear on the hips, now the chain moved to the waist and is combined with any things.
  3. Double Belt. The belt, in which two straps of different length, width and even color are intertwined at once, is just a hit of the season.

But too thin straps (from 1 to 2.5 cm), with overly ornate buckles (colored stones or rhinestones) and unattractive belts in a set with a product – all these are anti-trends, you should move away from them in favor of basic belts.

Be sure to complement your closet with such a necessary accessory, and your everyday images will play in a new way!

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