Gray belt

Gray belt – an alternative to brown and black leather belts


As I mentioned in the first paragraph, men prefer belt colors on the darker side.

Brown belt , black belt and dark blue belt are three of the most preferred belt colors for pants. Gray belt is an alternative to these belt colors.

Gray belt might be new to you or maybe you’ve never even thought about it before; I know some people who don’t even know about belt colors other than black and brown.

I’ve done a lot of research on belt colors for pants, I came across belt color theories from tailors, designers and fashion magazines. In fact, belt color theory is backed up by science .

In layman’s terms, gray belt looks good with just about any belt color of pants. Gray belt is versatile, which means it can be worn with casual wear to formal wear of any kind.

Let’s take a look at some examples on how to style gray belt with different belt colors for men.

TIP: Make sure that belt loops are wide enough to fit the belt through them. You do not want belt loops that are too small. A belt that is too tight will not look good and belt buckles can be damaged or distorted by belt loops.

  • Grey belt with gray pants
  • Black belt with gray jeans/pants
  • Black belt with dark blue jeans/pants
  • Brown belt with light blue jeans/pants (see belt loop size)
  • Gray belt with beige cargo pants/khakis
  • Brown belt with dark green jeans/pants
  • Blue belt with navy blue jeans/pants

Grey belt with brown shoes and gray pants. Gray belt looks great as a neutral belt color for casual wear, particularly when it’s worn with brown shoes . Grey belt can be worn with belt loops in dark gray, light gray and white pants.

TIP: If you want to dye belt the same color as belt loops, make sure they are dyed before stitching belt holes; otherwise belt holes will be dyed different colors.

Gray belt with brown belt loops (light gray belt) Brown belt is another universal belt color for pants. Brown belt with light gray belt is one of the best belt combos for men. Gray belt with dark brown belt loops works well too, although it’s not quite as universal.

  • Brown belt with white belt loops
  • Khaki belt with white belt loops
  • Gray belt can be worn in formal wear when paired up with light blue, pink or lavender belt loops.
  • Gray belt with light blue belt loops (see belt loop size)

All belt colors of pants work well with gray belt, believe it or not. Gray belt is a universal belt color for men and can be worn in casual wear; I call this neutral belt color “the Swiss army knife” of belts because you can do so much with belt. Gray belt is a belt color that has a lot of contrast and works well when fluorescent belt loops are worn with any belt color. Gray belt can be dyed to your belt loop color so you can have belt loops in whatever color you want.

Top 5 best grey belt for mens


1. The Gap

2. J.Crew

3. Banana Republic

4. Zara

5. Uniqlo

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