What shoes to wear with jeans for men: stylish ideas 2022

Few people will remember that jeans were born as work clothes. Simple American farmers, miners, gold miners and cowboys fell in love with these tight comfortable cotton trousers. Very soon, jeans from the men’s migrated to the women’s wardrobe.

Initially, they were worn exclusively with sneakers. Stylists soon realized that jeans are universal clothing. They will fit into any male image — from casual to sporty. Even a relaxed business style allows you to wear these trousers. Of course, the shoes must be matched appropriately. The best option is shoes. But there are rules here, too.

What shoes can I wear?

Many men, for reasons of practicality, include only one pair of shoes in their wardrobe. But jeans are usually purchased several pairs at once, believing that the same shoe model will fit all jeans. This is not entirely true.

Tip: the ideal option is to have not one pair of shoes in the wardrobe, but several pairs. It is better if they are models of different colors and textures. And seasonality requires adequacy from the men’s wardrobe – it is strange to wear light thin shoes in slush or frost at least.

Here are some simple rules that should be followed if you decide to combine jeans and shoes:

  • lacquer models should be immediately excluded — wearing them with jeans is categorically contraindicated. It is worth remembering — patent leather shoes are worn exclusively with trousers;
  • for classic straight or ripped models of men’s jeans, completely different shoe options are suitable;
  • it is better to replace sneakers with shoes styled in a sporty style. An exception may be cotton trousers—the “bananas” model. They look better with men’s sneakers of different shades.

With the help of comfortable shoes, you can adjust the physique of a man. Short men are recommended to choose a massive sole, overweight – a square toe, and tall ones will fit a pointed elongated one to balance the proportions.

Men's black shoes with jeans

As for the materials, it is better to choose men’s shoes for jeans from leather or suede. Of course, in the store you can find a good pair of eco-leather. Note that this option is also acceptable. But high-quality eco-leather is not cheap. But inexpensive shoes will not last long and will quickly lose their attractive appearance. But it is precisely from such trifles that the male image is formed.

Color selection

The combination of colors is one of the conditions for a successful male image. There are rules here that need to be taken into account depending on the color of jeans.

Shoes for white or light jeans

The white canvas of men’s jeans is a perfect background for the most daring color solutions. Shoes can be chosen in almost any shade – white, wine, red, blue and other options. Here you can really show imagination. Of course, white trousers are an attribute of the summer male image. They will look beautiful with suede shoes. But the skin is also relevant, since jeans almost always have a dense texture.

Shoes for blue jeans

Black shoes on bare feet

Blue jeans are a universal option, but there are already limitations here. The optimal shoe model is moccasins or loafers made of suede. Bright shades are allowed, but it is better to choose them from the color circle. Blue, green, and purple shades are suitable for blue.

Tip: if you decide to choose bright shades, be sure to balance the image with a neutral top – white, gray, black, beige.

Shoes under blue jeans for men
Shoes under blue jeans for men
Shoes under blue jeans for men

Note that classic indigo jeans will be able to make friends with almost any shoe color. Classic — blue trousers and shoes of all shades of brown.

Shoes for black jeans

black boots and jeans style for men

It would seem that black jeans assume any color of shoes. That’s not so. Optimally, black or brown shoes will suit black denim trousers. Also dilute the male image with blue or red models.


Tip: in addition to the above, there are also multi-colored men’s jeans – beige, brown, green, red, etc. If in doubt – what shade to choose shoes, use the circle of color combinations  Ittena.

Which shoes are best to wear with jeans?

Modern men’s shoes have a variety of names and differ in both shape and decorative elements.

What shoes are better for men to wear with jeans
What shoes are better for men to wear with jeans

Jeans and Derby

Derby shoes that will help to create a semi-formal and relaxed image for men. If you need to pick up a more businesslike image, choose a derby of classic colors – black, brown. But gray or blue in combination with a blazer and a simple T-shirt will perfectly fit into the casual men’s style.


Jeans and loafers

Loafers have firmly entered the men’s fashion industry and have become an indispensable attribute of a relaxed but luxurious style. They look perfect with cropped jeans. Of course, loafers are a semi-official style or casual.

Advice: if you want to create a retro outfit, pay attention to penny loafers. A characteristic feature of such shoes is a diamond—shaped shaped cutout on the tongue. But suede models with a tassel give a certain boudoir to the male image.

Men's summer shoes for jeans
Jeans and loafers for men

Jeans and top-siders

Many people used to think that top-siders are shoes that are suitable only for wide summer trousers and cotton shorts. These are comfortable shoes of a summer day on a yacht or beach. But modern fashion has made topsiders friends with men’s jeans.

Jeans and topsiders for men

This is a great option for summer walks. In a man’s image, you should add a shirt or polo made of natural materials, a linen jacket or a warm cardigan for protection on a windy day. And do not forget about stylish accessories — sunglasses, watches and bracelets.

Jeans and topsiders for men
Jeans and topsiders for men
Jeans and topsiders for men

Jeans and oxfords

Do you need to fit jeans into a business image? Oxfords will help you. It should be understood that in order to move away from casual into an official style, you will need to pick up a pair of shoes of a classic shade — black, brown, deep blue.

Jeans and oxfords for men

A little step away from the officialdom will help shoes like brogues — this is a kind of oxfords with perforations on the nose and back.

Jeans and brogues for men

The choice taking into account the jeans model

The most important point when choosing shoes is the model of men’s jeans. Classic shoes, cropped or torn trousers are chosen differently.

combination of shoes and jeans

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans and shoes for men

Skinny jeans are preferred by slim young people or athletes. the most popular types of tight-fitting denim trousers are cigarettes and skinny. The first ones look great with moccasins, monks, derby. The second with moccasins, espadrilles and inflated shoes.

Skinny jeans and shoes for men
Skinny jeans and shoes for men
Skinny jeans and shoes for men

Wide jeans

Shoes and wide jeans in men
Shoes and wide jeans in men

Wide men’s (as well as women’s) jeans are back at the peak of fashion. It’s not easy to find shoes for them. There are two main varieties:

  • relaxed fit – baggy denim trousers. Perfect for long walks. Shoes in a sporty style will fit here. It is worth focusing on the rule – the wider the leg of the trousers, the rougher the shoes should be;
  • loose fit – they are distinguished by a loose fit, an understated step seam, straight trousers falling on shoes. Basically, these men’s trousers are a youth option. Coarse shoes with massive soles fit here.
Shoes and wide jeans in men
Shoes and wide jeans in men
Shoes and wide jeans in men

Jeans with scuffs

Shoes and wide jeans in men
Shoes and wide jeans in men
Washed shoes and jeans for men

Scuffs and holes on men’s jeans are the basis for creating a relaxed image. Classic strict shoes should be excluded. Moccasins, topsiders and loafers are suitable for such trousers. In winter, you can choose brogues or monki in bold shades.

Denim shorts

Shorts are not just beachwear. On a hot summer day, many men combine stylish bermudas made of natural materials with shirts. polo shirts and jackets. Moccasins, espadrilles, loafers and top-siders will fit into this style.

Highlight the basic rules that should be followed if you need to pick up shoes for an outfit:

  • high shoes – for narrow or adjacent models. Wide trousers cannot be tucked into shoes;
  • classic options — can not be combined with skinny and ripped jeans;
  • short denim trousers — in the men’s wardrobe can take place in the warm season . You can combine it with any summer shoes.
shoes and denim shorts for men
shoes under denim shorts for men
shoes under denim shorts for men

Tip: if an outfit with straight men’s trousers and classic shoes seems boring, it can be diluted with brighter socks. The color of the latter is selected for any element of clothing.

Stylish examples

Stylish examples of men in jeans and shoes
Stylish examples of men in jeans and shoes
Stylish examples of men in jeans and shoes

If you doubt the selection of elements for a stylish image, be inspired by the photos. It is not necessary to look for trousers or shoes that will be similar to those presented one by one. This is just a guide to action, your own style should be unique.

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